Championing Our Public Schools

We have increased investments in our public schools.

But, we have to ensure those tax dollars are spent responsibly. I am excited to bring my school board and teaching experience to the legislature to ensure every dollar is maximized and every student reaches their full potential. That means making sure our students leave high school career, college, and life ready.

Bringing A New Vocational and Technical School To North Clark County

People in the 18th LD should not have to drive to Vancouver to get the training and skills they need to compete for 21st Century jobs. One of my top priorities is to bring a new workforce training and education center to North Clark County. Jobs, education, apprenticeships, and economic development are part of the same community fabric. Let’s connect them.

Fixing Our Roads, Highways And Bridges

Our district needs a fighter and a champion who gets results—to bring resources home. People should not have to choose between being stuck in traffic and spending time with their families. We need to bring new investment to Clark County to repair rapidly aging state roads and bridges. We need better transportation systems all around, especially for the rural parts of the county.

You can count on me to get Clark County moving again!

Making Housing Affordable

Renters and hopeful first-time home owners are being rapidly forced out of Clark County.

Housing costs and wages are out of sync. We need a regional strategy including state, county and local government, non-profits and the private sector to make Clark County affordable again. I will work with all stakeholders to develop and implement solutions to the housing crisis.

Ensuring Health Care Is Accessible And Affordable

Health Care costs continue to rise every year. Prescription drug costs do the same. Access remains unbalanced. Washington State still has thousands of people who have either no insurance, are underinsured, or are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars each year for catastrophic healthcare. I am one of those people.

Our state will be testing a pilot project to increase access to health care and keep costs down. I'm ready to get to Olympia to ensure that project uses our tax dollars responsibly and successfully. I will work hard to advocate for mental health care and fix the broader healthcare problems that seep into every part of our state system.

Promoting Civil Discourse and Civil Rights 

The only way that we can create equitable communities is by listening to and getting to know one another. Challenges based on our backgrounds are not a matter of politics, they are the stuff of everyday life. Recognizing our differences and our similarities should not be a matter of contention. My goal is to work together to create the kind of communities we want to live in well into the future. That is why my students and I created the Clark County Stories Project that drew people together from across many spectrums and taught us more about each other. I hope you will join me in shaping a new and better Clark County Story for the future.

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