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I am running for state representative because I care about Clark County communities, families, and our children’s future. I am running because I believe that future is compromised by partisanship, division, and blame. The conversations I hear about government right now have devolved into side issues that have very little to do with our everyday lives.


It is time to stop buying into political games that distract us from real kitchen table issues that matter: getting good jobs, feeding our families, making sure they don’t suffer because we can’t afford healthcare, and ensuring every child in our district has a bright future right here at home.

I believe we can do things differently. But only if we work together. We cannot allow the distractions to get in the way. I know I can get things done for Clark County because I will work with my neighbors and yours, with fellow legislators on both sides of the aisle, and with community groups to find solutions. I won’t engage in the partisanship.


Clark County growth has been outpacing community services for the last 40 years. We have not fought hard enough for good paying jobs with great benefits right here at home. We have not fought hard enough to keep traffic moving on our quickly degrading roads and bridges.


We are not fighting hard enough for the vocational and technical training that will allow us to compete in the global economy. We must fight harder for affordable health care. We must fight harder to make housing affordable in Clark County. We must fight harder to work together.


I am tired of Clark County's priorities being left on the table in Olympia. That is why I'm running. I will work every day with anyone who wants to look at the data, get the facts, hear the evidence, develop solutions and get results.


I will work with anyone who wants to bring civility and listening back to our conversations about how our government works.


I will work with anyone who is truly interested in getting things done for Clark County.

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We have increased investments in our public schools.

But, we have to ensure those tax dollars are spent responsibly. I am excited to bring my school board and teaching experience to the legislature to ensure every dollar is maximized and every student reaches their full potential.


That means making sure our students leave high school career, college, and life ready.

Our district needs a fighter and a champion who gets results—to bring resources home. People should not have to choose between being stuck in traffic and spending time with their families.

We need to bring new investment to Clark County to repair rapidly aging state roads and bridges. We need better transportation systems all around, especially for the rural parts of the county.

Renters and hopeful first-time home owners are being rapidly forced out of Clark County.

Housing costs and wages are out of sync. We need a regional strategy including state, county and local government, non-profits and the private sector to make Clark County affordable again. I will work with all stakeholders to develop and implement solutions to the housing crisis.

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